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What are the main characteristics of Wellington Airport?

The airport is on a small site (110 hectares) close to Wellington City.

Air services are mainly domestic (85%) with international links mainly to Australia. There are a small number of services to Samoa and Fiji.

Growth in services and hence use is dependent on airline activity, in particular on the activities of airlines willing to compete with the dominant local carrier.

Aeronautical charges are reset every 5 years via a consultation process between the Airport and its major customers.

The Airport has relatively little land not committed to aeronautical activities, but the development of this property provides a meaningful contribution to the Airport's income.

What are Wellington Airport's main commercial risks?

Wellington's main risk is from reduced airline services and competition.

In recent years AirNZ (the Airport's main carrier) has twice endeavoured to combine its operations with Qantas (the second largest carrier). These were stopped by the NZ Commerce Commission (confirmed by the High Court) and the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission.

Four material airline users of Wellington have also withdrawn over the last decade.

A second material commercial risk is in respect of ill structured regulation. While Government expressly rejected airport regulation in 2002, it has now initiated the imposition of new economic regulations from 2012. Wellington Airport has managed to ensure it does not warrant economic regulation, however adverse outcomes in this regard can not be ruled out, especially given the political interest.

Who are the Directors of Wellington Airport?

Infratil usually has four appointees to Wellington Airport's Board and the City Council two.

At present Infratil's appointees are: Chairman, Tim Brown (Morrison & Co),  Alison Gerry (infratil director appointed 2 February 2017),  Jason Boyes (Morrison & Co) and Phil Walker (Morrison & Co).

The Council appointees are Andy Foster (appointed October 2016) and Keith Sutton (appointed 1 January 2010).

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