Infratil Investor Day 2017

29 Mar 2017

Infratil has released the presentation material for its annual Investor Day attended by major shareholders, fund managers, broker analysts, regulatory agencies, business partners and commentators.

Infratil has a clear strategy for providing good risk-adjusted returns for its shareholders over the long-term. It invests in sectors with powerful growth characteristics where there are opportunities for expertise and excellent management to create shareholder value.

Air travel, decarbonisation of energy and transport, accommodation and care for the elderly, electronic data storage, urban mobility, student accommodation, and residential utilities; are all themes underlying Infratil investments.

The presentations highlight the focus on deploying capital in the newly established platforms of renewables, eldercare and data infrastructure, alongside ongoing performance improvements in Infratil’s core assets. Key presentations this year from Infratil’s newer businesses; Longroad, Tilt, RetireAustralia and Canberra Data Centres; show how they are taking advantage of their sector’s growth to create value. Also covered is how generation-retailing in the New Zealand electricity market can deliver satisfactory returns given low demand growth and regulatory interventions.

The links below are to PDFs of the presentations 

Infratil overview Marko Bogoievski CEO 

Macro outlook and implications for Infratil Investment Strategy  Paul Newfield CIO Morrison & Co

Longroad Energy Paul Gaynor CEO

Tilt Renewables Robert Farron CEO

Canberra Data Centres Greg Boorer CEO

Trustpower Vince Hawksworth CEO

RetireAustralia Alison Quinn CEO



Infratil Investor Day 2015

31 Mar 2015

Infratil has released the full package of presentation material for the annual investor day to be held in Wellington today. The presentations cover the global infrastructure market with more detailed discussion on the Infratil portfolio, New Zealand and Australian retirement markets, Trustpower and Wellington Airport.

CEO Marko Bogoievski outlined the major factors influencing the current infrastructure market and confirmed Infratil's approach to delivering long-term returns to shareholders.

The recent divestment of Lumo Energy has placed Infratil in an unprecedented position of financial flexibility. Capacity for further investment remains strong and confidence around the investment pipeline is increasing following several years of focused development."

In discussing today's infrastructure market, Mr Bogoievski said "the competition for low-risk assets from global investors highlighted the value of our existing businesses and the importance of Infratil being able to consider early-stage development opportunities. The long-term trends around infrastructure all demand a significant increase in investment and are favourable for our long-term outlook. Our near term focus will be on building out the existing renewables and retirement platforms while identifying additional lines of business that can be developed over time."

Video coverage of the Investor Day is available below:

Marko Bogoievski Infratil Overview Investor Day 2015

Paul Newfield Morrison & Co Infrastructure Market Perspectives

William Smales Infratil Retirement Villages and Aged Care

Tim Russell RetireAustralia

Roger Dennis Sensing City - Infrastructure and Technology

Steve Sanderson Wellington Airport 

Vince Hawksworth Trustpower

Hon Simon Bridges 

Marko Bogoievski Infratil wrap-up

The links below are to PDFs of the presentations 

Marko Bogoievski: Infratil Overview Investor Day 2015

Paul Newfield: Morrison & Co Infrastructure Market Perspectives 

William Smales: Infratil Retirement Villages and Aged Care

Tim Russell: RetireAustralia

Wellington Airport Infratil Investor Day (PDF 10MB)

Trustpower Infratil Investor Day

Trustpower Wellington Airport Metlifecare Infratil Property NZ Bus Snapper Australia Social Infrastructure Partners Canberra Data Centres RetireAustralia Perth Energy Tilt Renewables