Infratil Annual Report 2013

24 Jun 2013

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The 2013 Annual Report is also available on smartphone and tablet devices, To download please click on the link below to the iTunes App Store or visit the Google Play Store for android devices and search for Infratil.

Infratil Update April 2013

Infratil Update April 2013

1 May 2013

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This Update outlines what is happening to global supply and demand for infrastructure. More is wanted and it is more likely to be provided by private investors. The Update also covers TrustPower's investment plans and the difference of opinion between Wellington Airport and the Commerce Commission.

Infratil Update September 2012

Infratil Update September 2012

23 Oct 2012

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This Update talks about Infratil's investments, earnings growth and shareholder returns. Over the last decade the Infratil group invested $3,060 million and its consolidated annual EBITDAF (earnings before interest, tax, depreciation and value adjustments) rose from $35 million to $520 million. Over the same period Infratil's compound after-tax return to shareholders was 13.7% per annum (since listing returns have been 16.7% per annum).

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