2017 Annual Report Highlights

Our people. Directors

The directors are appointed by shareholders to ensure that management are performing, creating value, operating within their mandate, and are generally pursuing goals which align with shareholder interests. 

To be effective, directors need good judgement, integrity and common sense. 

Given Infratil’s wide range of activities, it isn’t practical for the Board to have expertise in every part, but the Board must be fully informed of, and engaged with, the group’s material risks and with its key capital allocation decisions. This means that board meeting discussions range from the customer relationships of our businesses, through to decisions about the investment of hundreds of millions of dollars. Both are crucial for the long-term delivery of value to Infratil’s shareholders.

Over recent years there has been growing awareness of director responsibilities and the need for boards to have a diverse range of talents. “Diversity” is a word at risk of becoming a cliché, but at Infratil it means having the breadth of expertise and experience required to engage with the risks and opportunities faced by the group so there are different perspectives and robust debate.

After twenty two years on the Infratil Board Duncan Saville retired last year, and his alternate, Anthony Muh also stood down. Peter Springford was appointed by the Board on the recommendation of the Nomination Committee. His appointment will be put to a vote of shareholders at the 2017 annual meeting.

Further commentary on the role of the board, the credentials of directors and their remuneration are set out from page 100 of this annual report. (PDF or print version)


(From left)

Peter Springford

Director. Independent.
Appointed 2016.

Paul Gough

Director. Independent.
Appointed 2012.

Mark Tume

Appointed 2007.

Marko Bogoievski

Director. Chief Executive.
Appointed 2009.

Alison Gerry

Director. Independent.
Appointed 2014.

Humphry Rolleston

Director. Independent.
Appointed 2006.

Our people. Management

Infratil's management comprises people employed by Infratil's manager, H.R.L Morrison & Co, and those employed by Infratil's subsidiaries and investee companies.

H.R.L. Morrison & Co is an investment manager with a specialist focus on the infrastructure sector. In addition to managing Infratil it also manages public- private infrastructure funds in New Zealand and Australia and investments for Australasian superannuation funds, including the New Zealand Superannuation Fund and the Commonwealth Superannuation Corporation.

Infratil benefits from its management having the expertise of a larger more expert group of individuals than a company of Infratil’s scale could normally hope to exclusively retain. It also gets access to opportunities and market developments through H.R.L. Morrison & Co’s contacts and relationships. 

Left to right 

Marko Bogoievski
Chief Executive. Director of Infratil, Trustpower and Longroad Energy

Phillippa Harford
Chief Financial Officer. Director of Snapper

Kevin Baker
Chair of NZ Bus and director of Canberra Data Centres

Greg Boorer
CEO Canberra Data Centres


Jason Boyes
Legal. Compliance, transaction structuring and execution. Director of Wellington Airport and NZ Bus 

Tim Brown
Capital markets, and economic regulation. Chair of Wellington Airport

Fiona Cameron
Group Treasurer and Risk Manager

Peter Coman
Property and social infrastructure. Director of Infratil Infrastructure Property

Left to right

Roger Crawford
Australian energy sector activities. Director of Perth Energy

Rachel Drew
Technology and business efficiency initiatives

Robert Farron
CEO of Tilt Renewables

Steven Fitzgerald
Chair of Perth Energy and a director RetireAustralia and ANU Student Accommodation

Mark Flesher
Capital markets and investor relations

Zane Fulljames

Paul Gaynor
CEO Longroad Energy

Bruce Harker
Energy team. Chair of Tilt Renewables

Matthew Harrison
Acquisitions and operational efficiency

Vince Hawksworth
CEO Trustpower

Michael Hruby
Acquisition management. Alternate Director Canberra Data Centres

Andrew Lamb
Development Director Infratil Infrastructure Property

Nick Lough
Company Secretary and Legal. Compliance, transaction structuring and execution

David McKinnon
Social infrastructure. Director ANU Student Accommodation concession

Mark Mudie
Social infrastructure. Director ANU Student Accommodation concession

Anthony Muh
Asian operations and investment activities

Paul Newfield
Strategy, sector analysis and transaction execution. Director Tilt Renewables

Alison Quinn
CEO RetireAustralia. President of the Australian Retirement Living Council

Paul Ridley-Smith
Chair of Trustpower

Matthew Ross
Infratil Financial Controller. 

Steve Sanderson
CEO Wellington Airport

William Smales
Private-markets investment activity. Director of RetireAustralia and Canberra Data Centres

Miki Szikszai
CEO Snapper

Vimal Vallabh
Energy team. Director Tilt Renewables and Longroad Energy

Customers & Community

Infratil's businesses provide services and facilities that are critical to their users and communities. To be trusted with these responsibilities requires integrity and a commitment to never forget that customers and communities are people and not statistics. 

It’s not just about a human saying “thank you” or making eye contact, it’s also about listening to what people want. Everyone knows the feeling of encountering the expert, the impenetrable processes, the person with discretion and no accountability.

The smart-phone and data revolutions of the last decade have increased the ability to interact through technology and to use remote measurement and data. We can push a button on our phone and a taxi appears. At the end of the taxi ride payment happens without any physical exchange or conversation. You can electronically assess and mark the driver and he can electronically assess and mark you, without either person uttering a word.

Not everyone who uses or relies on Wellington Airport, Trustpower, NZ Bus, RetireAustralia, etc. needs a conversation or a hug from the staff. But each of those businesses is ready to talk, to listen and to learn. Each relies on building high-trust personal relationships.

One way Infratil and its businesses engage with their communities is through sponsorships. These range from Trustpower’s National Community Awards, to Wellington Airport’s support of the CubaDupa art festival to Infratil’s backing of the New Zealand Youth Choir. These initiatives do give something back, they also build connections and trust. 

Annual Report 2017
Annual Report 2017
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