2019 Annual Report Highlights


(From left)

Peter Springford

Director. Independent.
Appointed 2016. Last elected 2017.

Paul Gough

Director. Independent.
Appointed 2012. Last elected 2018.

Alison Gerry

Director, Chair of the Audit & Risk Committee.
Appointed 2014.

Mark Tume

Chairman. Independent.
Appointed 2007. Last elected 2018.

Marko Bogoievski

Director. Chief Executive.
Appointed 2009. Last elected 2017.

Kirsty Mactaggart

Director. Independent. Appointed in 2019 and due for election in 2019

Humphry Rolleston

Director. Independent. Appointed 2006. Retiring in 2019.


Infratil’s management comprises people employed by Infratil’s manager, H.R.L. Morrison & Co (Morrison & Co), and those employed by Infratil’s subsidiaries and investee companies. 

Morrison & Co is an investment manager with a specialist focus on the infrastructure sector. In addition to managing Infratil it also manages investments on behalf of superannuation funds; including the New Zealand Superannuation Fund and the Commonwealth Superannuation Corporation who have both made investments in partnership with Infratil.

Infratil benefits from its management having the expertise of a larger and more expert group of individuals than a company of Infratil’s scale could normally hope to retain and from the manager’s contacts and relationships. 

Left to right

Marko Bogoievski
Chief Executive. Director of Infratil. Chair of Longroad Energy.

Phillippa Harford
Chief Financial Officer. Director of Perth Energy and Snapper.

Kevin Baker
Chair of NZ Bus and Director of Canberra Data Centres, Trustpower and Infratil Infrastructure Property.

Greg Boorer
CEO Canberra Data Centres.

Jason Boyes
Chief Commercial Officer, Director of Wellington Airport and NZ Bus.

Ralph Brayham
Technology. Director of Snapper.

Tim Brown
Capital markets, and economic regulation. Chair of Wellington Airport.

Fiona Cameron
Group Treasurer.

Deion Campbell
CEO Tilt Renewables.

Kellee Clark
Head of Legal. Compliance, transaction structuring and execution.

Peter Coman
Property and social infrastructure. Director of Infratil Infrastructure Property and RetireAustralia.

Harry Cominos
Investment strategy.

Roger Crawford
Australian energy sector activities. Chairman of Perth Energy.

Steven Fitzgerald
Asset Management.

Mark Flesher
Capital markets and investor relations.

Paul Gaynor
CEO Longroad Energy.

Bruce Harker
Energy team. Chair of Tilt Renewables.

Vince Hawksworth
CEO Trustpower.

Andrew Lamb
Development Director Infratil Infrastructure Property.

Nick Lough
Company Secretary and Legal. Compliance, transaction structuring and execution.

Will McIndoe
Energy team.

Mark Mudie
Social infrastructure. 

Paul Newfield
Chief Investment Officer. Strategy, sector analysis and transaction execution. Director of Tilt Renewables.

Paul Ridley-Smith
Chair of Trustpower.

Matthew Ross 
Infratil Financial Controller and Risk Manager.

Steve Sanderson
CEO Wellington Airport.

William Smales
Private Markets investment activity. Director of RetireAustralia and Canberra Data Centres.

Vimal Vallabh
Energy team. Director of Tilt Renewables and Longroad Energy.

Infratil Annual Report 2019
Infratil Annual Report 2019
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