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Trustpower sale of Australian hydro generation assets

22 Dec 2017 9:12am

Trustpower has today announced the completion of its strategic review of its Australian hydro generation assets, which has culminated in the sale of GSP Energy to Meridian Energy.
Refer to the attached Trustpower release for further...

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Amended SPH Notice - The Capital Group Companies, Inc.

21 Dec 2017 3:46pm

This is an amended notice to correct the coding on the sale of 3,020,373 shares on 7 Dec 2017 at $3.32 NZD.

This was an off market trade.Disclosure of ceasing to have substantial holding
Section 279,...

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SPH Notice - The Capital Group Companies, Inc.

11 Dec 2017 8:30am

Disclosure of ceasing to have substantial holdingSection 279, Financial Markets Conduct Act 2013To New Zealand Stock Exchange and Australian Stock ExchangeTo Infratil LimitedDate this disclosure made: 08 December 2017Date last disclosure made: 17 January 2014Date...

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Infratil Limited (IFT): ASX Listing Rule 1.15.3

4 Dec 2017 9:54am

Infratil (an ASX Foreign Exempt Listing) confirms, for the purposes of ASX Listing Rule 1.15.3, that it has complied with and continues to comply with Main Board/Debt Market Listing Rules of NZX Limited, which is its overseas home exchange.

Nick Lough
Company Secretary

AUD FX Rate for Interim Dividend to be paid on 15 December

30 Nov 2017 8:30am

Infratil advises that the foreign exchange rate to be used for the Infratil Limited interim dividend to be paid to Australian investors in AUD on 15 December 2017 has been set at 0.9064. This is...

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IFTHA - Interest Rate Reset

15 Nov 2017 3:51pm

MemorandumTo: Market Participants
From: NZX Client and Data Services
Date: 15 November 2017
Subject: IFTHA - Interest Rate ResetMessage:
Further to the announcement made by Infratil Limited (“IFT”) today, NZX Operations (“NZXO”) advises that...

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Perpetual Infratil Infrastructure Bonds Annual Rate Reset

15 Nov 2017 2:33pm

Infratil Limited advises that the Coupon Rate on the Perpetual Infratil Infrastructure Bonds (PiiBs) for the period 15 November 2017 to the next reset date, being 15 November 2018, is 3.50% per annum payable quarterly....

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Infratil Half Year Results to 30 September 2017

10 Nov 2017 8:30am

The first half of FY2018 was good for Infratil. The Company is well resourced and well positioned to progress many growth initiatives and to continue to deliver value and earning gains for Infratil's shareholders.
Net parent...

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NZ Bus secures future in Auckland

25 Oct 2017 12:00pm

NZ Bus confirms it has successfully concluded negotiations to secure long-term scale and stability for its Auckland bus operations. With 20 long-term contracts in Western, Central and Northern regions of Auckland secured, NZ Bus will...

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IFT090 Bond Interest Payment Appendix 7

19 Oct 2017 4:17pm

Bond interest notice attached.

Trustpower Wellington Airport Infratil Property Australian Social Infrastructure Partners CDC Data Centres RetireAustralia Vodafone New Zealand Tilt Renewables Longroad  Galileo Green Energy GmbH