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Interim Dividend Reinvestment Plan Price Set

9 Dec 2013 5:01pm

The share price used to calculate entitlements under the Infratil Dividend Reinvestment Plan (“DRP”), in respect to the recent interim dividend, has been set at NZ$2.2947 per share. The share price is the volume weighted...

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Disclosure Notice Duncan Saville

9 Dec 2013 8:30am

Attached Director and Officer Notice for Duncan Saville.

Disclosure Notice Duncan Saville

9 Dec 2013 8:30am

Attached Director and Officer Notice for Duncan Saville.

SSH Notice - Utilico Investments Limited

9 Dec 2013 8:30am

Disclosure of movement of 1% or more in substantial holding or change in nature of relevant interest or both
Sections 23 and 24, Securities Markets Act 1988

Relevant event being disclosed: Movement
Date of relevant event: 5 December...

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Infratil Interim Report

6 Dec 2013 4:47pm

Attached is Infratil's Interim Report for the half year ended 30 September 2013.

Ongoing Disclsoure Notice Liberato Petagna

6 Dec 2013 2:56pm

Attached Ongoing Disclosure Notice for Liberato Petagna

Appendix 7 - Bond Interest Payment IFT150, IFT160, IFT190

5 Dec 2013 5:11pm

Notice of interest payments attached.

Stand in the Market - IFT

5 Dec 2013 4:43pm


To: Market Participants
From: NZX Client and Market Services
Date: 5 December 2013

Subject: Stand in the Market – On-market buyback in Infratil Limited (“IFT”) ordinary shares

NZXR wishes to confirm that...

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Trading Halt of Securities Lifted (IFT)

5 Dec 2013 2:33pm

5 December 2013

NZX Regulation Announcement
Infratil Limited (“IFT”)
Trading Halt of Securities Lifted

NZX Regulation (“NZXR”) advises that, following the completion of the on-market buyback of 24.8 million IFT ordinary shares today for $2.38 per share, and...

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Infratil completes on-market buyback

5 Dec 2013 2:29pm

The results of the on –market buyback conducted by Infratil Limited today are as follows:

Class of security: Ordinary shares


Number of shares acquired: 24.8 million ordinary shares

Final buyback price: NZ$2.38 per share

Date acquired: 5 December...

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