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Early Start for Port of Tauranga's New Crane

22 Sep 2004

The Port of Tauranga's new 730-tonne Liebherr post-panamax crane started work this week, 3 months ahead of schedule.

On Tuesday the crane began working the Nele Maersk, with the commissioning going smoothly and the crane's operators reporting they are impressed with its performance and hoist speed.

The new crane has been positioned between the Port's No 2 and No 3 cranes at Sulphur Point. It arrived in a single shipment from the Liebherr yards in Killarney, Ireland, on Saturday, July 24th in sections. Assembly work began the following Monday.

Port of Tauranga's Commercial Manager, Graeme Marshall, said the commissioning of the new crane was done with the assistance of Maersk Sealand, who had agreed to have their ship worked with just one crane the week before so that the new crane could be placed on the rails.

"To mark Maersk Sealand's assistance, we committed to having three cranes working on their next ship to call. They also had the honour of having one of their ships being the first to use the new facility."

Mr Marshall said that with the new crane now in place, the Port's No 1 crane would be taken out of service for refurbishment.

The new Liebherr post-panamax crane stands 85m high. It can handle 45 tonne containers under its spreader. It has a maximum load capacity of 65 tonnes under its hook beam.

The upgrading programmes for the Port's other Liebherr cranes will see their hoist speeds increased by 25 per cent.

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