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Port of Tauranga: City Council Buys Prime 3.8ha Waterfront Site from Port

30 Jun 2004

The Port of Tauranga has sold 3.8ha of prime waterfront land, buildings and jetties to the Tauranga City Council for $9.5 million.

Mayor Jan Beange said in announcing the purchase that the Council very sensibly took this opportunity to secure a hugely valuable land asset for the future of Tauranga's citizens. "Being able to use the money from the sale of less strategically valuable land means we can ensure a continued base for the marine industry and prevent the type of situation that Auckland City recently faced with its waterfront."

Mayor Beange said some of the land had to be purchased anyway for the Harbour Link project. 'The opportunity offered to us by the Port of Tauranga to purchase the wider piece of waterfront real estate means we can ensure this area is developed according to the future needs of Tauranga and the marine industry,' she said. The Council's intention is to landbank for development by the private sector in the future.

Port of Tauranga Chief Executive, Jon Mayson, says the Port conducted a strategic review of its land holdings in relation to the expansion of the harbour bridge and it believed the land, previously used for its slipway business, was more appropriately owned by the city.

"We felt the sale of this land to the city was a socially-responsible decision that would not only assist the Harbour Link project, but one which would deliver future benefits for the people of Tauranga and to the marine industry.

A number of businesses are currently operating out of this area and the Council intends to work with these occupiers to consider the shape of future developments. The Council is expecting to continue to receive the commercial returns from this land in the short term but Mayor Beange said 'the Council expects to facilitate a cluster of marine developments in the future'.

'We know that the need for marine facilities, both recreational and commercial, is expected to grow. This site ensures the likelihood of increased activity and in a site that is perfectly matched,' she said. Other opportunities such as Marine Tourism and providing public access to the waterfront will also be considered.

The property, which runs from the north side of the Tauranga harbour bridge through to Cross Rd, will be used in part in the short term as a working yard for the Harbour Link project.

Additional notes:

  • $2.8 million of the purchase price was required for the Harbour Link project. Of this 48% is being claimed as a subsidy from Transfund 
  • The balance of $6.7 million was paid for mainly from land sales over the past three years eg perpetual leases the Council no longer had a use for 
  • A Coastal Marine Permit (1994) comes as part of the deal. This permit enables development of more deep water jetties and wharves off this site if future development requires this. 
  • The Council's intention is to keep the slipway open as long as possible.


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