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Wellington Airport Takes Further Step toward Safety Areas

6 May 2004

Wellington International Airport has taken a further step toward creation of runway end safety areas (RESA) by lodging a planning application for works at the southern end of its runway.The proposal for the southern end...

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Whenuapai Airport Promoters Welcome North Shore Support

26 Apr 2004

The promoters of a commercial airport at Whenuapai, with an associated industrial and commercial development, have welcomed the backing of Enterprise North Shore, the commercial arm of North Shore City.Mr Bryan Mogridge, chairman of...

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Infratil-Waitakere City Survey: Action Wanted on Whenuapai

14 Apr 2004

Most people in Waitakere, on the North Shore and in Rodney District want commercial flights to begin from Whenuapai as soon as possible.The government has announced that the Airforce will leave its base at Whenuapai...

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TrustPower Limited Generation Asset Revaluation

13 Apr 2004

TrustPower has recently had an independent valuation completed of its electricity generating assets as at 31 March 2004. The valuation has been carried out in accordance with Financial Reporting Standard 3 - Accounting for...

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Port of Tauranga and Tranz Rail Lift METROPORT'S Capacity

8 Apr 2004

The Port of Tauranga and Tranz Rail today announced that they would be undertaking a major upgrading of the MetroPort operation in South Auckland that will more than double the present area available for containers,...

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Infratil Issue of Bonds Series 13

1 Apr 2004

The following information is provided in accordance with Section 7.12 of the Listing Rules; Class of security: Bonds Series 13 ISIN: NZIFTD0006S8 Number of bonds issued: 820,000 Issue Price: $1.00 Payment: In cash Amount paid...

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Bonds Series 04 Repaid on 31 March 2004

1 Apr 2004

Redemption of SecuritiesThe following information is provided in accordance with Section 7.12 of the Listing Rules;Class of security: Bonds Series 04 ISIN: NZIFTD0001S9 Number of bonds repaid: 33,726,029 Redemption Price: $1.40 Payment: In cash Amount...

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Energy Developments Concludes Partner Search for SWERF®

30 Mar 2004

Following an international search for a partner for the further development and roll-out of SWERF® conducted by KPMG Corporate Finance, ENE today reviewed the results of the search and potential options for SWERF®. The Board...

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Infratil Special Meeting Held at 3.00pm 24 March 2004

24 Mar 2004

Infratil Limited advises that the three resolutions put to the Special Meeting today were approved unanimously.

Glasgow Prestwick International Airport –Trading Update

15 Mar 2004

Infratil advises that as a result of poorer than expected recent trading conditions and the decision to make greater provision for one-off items, the earnings before interest, taxes and depreciation (EBITDA) for Glasgow Prestwick Holdings...

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