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Fond farewell to Airforce One from Glasgow Prestwick

13 Jul 2005

The Chief Executive Officer, Steven Fitzgerald, at Scotland's Fastest growing Airport was thrilled with the outcome of the G8 operation last week at the Airport. He commended the literally hundreds of staff whose efforts ensured the G8 operation was a huge success, saying

"The G8 was one of the most complex airport logistical exercises imaginable. I am enormously proud of the entire team for pulling together a brilliant plan and then executing it seamlessly. We must also remember that planning had been underway at Edinburgh for 10 months before a decision was made to move the operation here 10 weeks ago!"

Important contributions were made not only by those who were directly involved with G8 aircraft and logistics, but also everyone who ensured that the normal operation maintained a high standard 'usiness as usual' service for the passenger and freight airlines and passengers.

He also commended the support of others, saying "the cooperation and support from Strathclyde Police, the Foreign and Commonwealth Office and a range of other organisations was superb - making it a very satisfying multi-agency triumph. The Airports tenants, while naturally nervous about the possible impacts on them, were also amazingly supportive.

This is another demonstration of what can be achieved by a 'Pure dead Brilliant' organisation.

Steve Thompson, Airfield Operations Manager commented, "I think we all felt we were part of something 'big' and historic, and the camaraderie that was evident across all departments involved should be bottled and opened up when required."

Having demonstrated the capabilities of the Airport and its dedicated team, Glasgow Prestwick looks forward to attracting future major events as well as continuing to build its passenger and freight business.

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