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Interim Resource Consent Decision for TrustPower Hydro Proposal

22 Jun 2007

An interim decision to grant a Resource Consent has been issued for TrustPower's proposed hydro scheme in the Wairau
Valley near Blenheim.

After more than two and a half years of planning and consultation, which resulted in a significant downsizing of
the proposed scheme, TrustPower lodged applications for resource consents in July 2005.

Public notification and further public consultation led to TrustPower's applications being heard by a Marlborough District Council appointed committee from 12 June through to 12 December 2006.

The interim decision makes findings with regard to the impact of TrustPower's proposed scheme, with the final decision subject to the imposition of acceptable conditions
which are to be determined by way of a further submission process.

TrustPower Chief Executive Keith Tempest says the company welcomes the opportunity to further work with the local community to determine appropriate conditions, the end objective being improved efficiency and security of electricity supply for the benefit of the people and businesses of the region.

"Although it seems a long time has elapsed since our original proposal in 2002, I believe it is important that the local community has its say and that from the perspective of the wider community, that we get the balance of the proposal's impacts and benefits right," Mr Tempest said. "In that context we are looking forward to further engaging with representatives of the local community over the weeks ahead to assist the committee as it moves towards delivering its final decision."

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