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TrustPower adds energy to carbon trading market

1 Mar 2007

TrustPower, which generates all of its electricity from sustainable resources, has added impetus to carbon trading in New Zealand by selling carbon credits to Meridian Energy.

TrustPower, which owns and operates 34 hydro generators and the Tararua Wind Farm, has been awarded carbon credits for a number of its sustainable generation development and enhancement projects. The largest completed so far has been the Stage 2 development of the Tararua Wind Farm.

Chief Executive Keith Tempest says TrustPower's decision to focus on renewable energy sources has proven to be a sound one, both for the company and the environment.

"We are pleased that our efforts to concentrate on sustainable generation have put us in a position where we are now able to trade our surplus carbon credits to assist others to gain carbon neutrality or offset their own greenhouse gas emissions. We welcome approaches from any New Zealand businesses that require assistance to gain carbon neutral status."

In addition to its existing 100% sustainable generation portfolio, TrustPower is on target to complete its Tararua Stage 3 Wind Farm expansion in July and its Deep Stream Hydro project later in the year, It is also in the resource consenting phase for new 72MW hydro project in Marlborough, a 42 MW hydro scheme on the West Coast of the South Island, and a new 200 MW wind farm at Mahinerangi in Otago, adjacent to one of its existing hydro schemes, and has begun construction of a new 88 MW wind farm at Snowtown in South Australia.

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