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TrustPower: First new turbine graces Manawatu skyline

19 Jan 2007

The first of 31 new turbines being erected as part of TrustPower's Tararau Windfarm expansion now graces the Manawatu skyline.

The tower, nacelle and three blades for the new Vestas V90 turbine, the largest and most technically advanced installed in the Southern Hemisphere, were progressively lifted into place this week following the assembly and certification of the required 400 tonne crane, last week.

The new turbine is expected to be fully commissioned by the manufacturers and handed over to TrustPower along with four others on February 24, from when (assuming excess wind does not prevent turbine erection!) the five will supply electricity to the National Grid.

The remaining 26 turbines will be progressively erected and commissioned in groups of five or six, with the entire windfarm expansion on target for completion by the end of July.

The existing 103 turbine Tararua Windfarm generates enough electricity to supply to supply 32,000 homes. The expansion project, costing $180 million, will see the windfarm generating enough power for 74,000 homes during the coldest part of winter 2007.

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