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Energy Developments West Kimberley Power Project Update

23 Apr 2008

West Kimberley Power Project Update

23 April 2008
Energy Developments Limited (ASX Code: ENE) advises that its West Kimberley Power Project’s (WKPP) Derby Power Station (15 MW) and Halls Creek Power Station (5 MW) have each passed the relevant 60-day Reliable Operations test (RO test).

Under the terms of the Horizon Power Power Purchase Agreement, successful completion of the respective RO tests triggers the payment of capacity charges and other fixed charges accrued during the test period and commences the operating phase (approximately 20 years) of the power stations.

The RO test requires the power stations to supply electrical power within certain quality and reliability limits for 60 consecutive days.

Managing Director Greg Pritchard said that completion of the 60-day RO tests at Derby and Halls Creek was pleasing and further demonstrated that the WKPP elements, including the Karratha LNG Plant and transport infrastructure, were now operating efficiently and well.

The 1 MW Looma Power station completed its 60 day RO test in June 2007.

The 34 MW Broome Power Station is currently on day 11 of its RO test, and the 6 MW Fitzroy Crossing Power Station is currently on day 34 of its RO test.
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