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Infratil Share Buyback Notice

25 Jun 2008

As notified previously to its shareholders, Infratil intends to occasionally buy back its fully paid ordinary shares when market conditions warrant and when such a transaction would be of benefit to the Company and to...

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Infratil Share Buyback

24 Jun 2008

Infratil Limited advises that it has acquired its own securities. The following information is provided in accordance with Listing Rule 7.12Class of security: Ordinary SharesISIN: NZIFTE0003S3Number of ordinary shares acquired: 400,000Acquisition Price (average): $1.90Payment: In...

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Energy Developments Executes $300 million Debt Facility

23 Jun 2008

Energy Developments Limited advises that documentation for a new five year non-recourse Australian Syndicated Debt Facility (new Debt Facility) was executed on 20 June 2008. The new Debt Facility refinances the existing $192 million non...

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Infratil Airports Europe Monthly Overview May 2008

17 Jun 2008

The large increase in the cost of fuel and softer economic climate are creating difficult times for the aviation industry generally, including in Europe.  These challenges are now being felt directly by IAEL as a...

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Wellington Airport Monthly Overview - May 2008

17 Jun 2008

Wellington Airport May 2008 operational figures are made available here. May domestic passengers were 22% above the previous year reflecting the ongoing competitiveness of the market on domestic trunk routes. Pacific Blue continues to...

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Extreme low hydro inflows reduces TrustPower’s profit outlook

17 Jun 2008

The New Zealand major hydro storage lakes have been as low as 49% and are currently 55% of average for this time of the year and the electricity industry has commenced a nationwide power savings...

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ENE Broome Power Station Passes 60 day RO Test

12 Jun 2008

Energy Developments Broome Power Station Passes 60 day RO Test12 June 2008Energy Developments Limited advises that its West Kimberley Power Project’s (WKPP) Broome Power Station has now passed the relevant 60-day Reliable Operations (RO) test.All...

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ENE West Kimberley Power Project: Alternative Gas Supply

11 Jun 2008

Energy Developments West Kimberley Power Project: Alternative Gas Supply 11 June 2008Further to the market release of 5 June 2008 advising of the impact of the recent explosion at Apache Energy's Varanus Island gas processing...

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Infratil Instalment Shares

6 Jun 2008

Dear Instalment ShareholderI write to remind you that the second and final payment on Infratil's Instalment Shares is due and the procedures for making the payment. The second instalment of $1.00 per Instalment Share should...

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ENE West Kimberley Power Project Gas Supply Interruption

5 Jun 2008

The explosion at Apache Energy’s Varanus Island gas processing plant on 3 June 2008 has interrupted gas supplies to Energy Developments’ WKPP Karratha LNG plant, which has been shut down pending gas supply resumption.Energy Developments...

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