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IFTWB Series Warrants and Final 2009 Dividend

27 Jul 2009

Infratil is pleased to announce that 38,372,405 IFTWB Series Warrants have been partly paid to $0.55, in accordance with altered terms passed at a Special Meeting of IFTWB Warrantholders on 25 June 2009.   

In addition Infratil confirms that of the 84,398,343 IFTWB Series of Warrants outstanding at 31 March 2009, 40,246,049 were exercised at $1.62 per share.

5,779,889 IFTWB Series Warrants have not been exercised or partly paid, and these securities have now lapsed.  
Infratil’s listed equity securities now include: 581,013,847 fully paid ordinary shares (including 12,744,371 Treasury stock), 38,372,405 partly paid IFTWB Series Warrants and 52,825,608 IFTWC Series Warrants.

Further to the Appendix 7 announcement of 18 May 2009 for the 2009 final dividend payment of 3.75 cents per share, Infratil advises that following the recent increase in the number of ordinary shares on issue (principally through the exercise of IFTWB Warrants), the amount of imputation credits and resident withholding tax that was advised to the market have been amended slightly as follows:

Imputation Credits per ordinary share: $0.016894 (previously $0.017350)
Resident Withholding Tax per ordinary share: $0.001055 (previously $0.000750)

Payment of the dividend will be made this Wednesday 29 July 2009.
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