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Keith Tempest advises intention to retire from TrustPower

22 May 2009

The Chief Executive of TrustPower, Keith Tempest, today advised that after 23 years with the Company he plans to retire in December 2009. 

Chairman of TrustPower, Bruce Harker says “after working with Keith for the last ten years, I both regret his decision and congratulate him.  He has done a great job and has been a real pleasure to work with.  Our shareholders have also enjoyed the experience.”  

Lloyd Morrison said from hospital “Keith is a great guy, it’s been our luck and privilege to have him on the team. We are fortunate that Keith has built such an excellent team around him.  He will be missed.  We are very pleased that Keith has agreed to stay on the board of NZ Bus so the Infratil Group can continue to benefit from both his company and expertise.”

On behalf of Infratil, both Bruce Harker and Marko Bogoievski congratulated Keith on his outstanding achievements and on a personal level add their endorsement to Lloyd’s sentiments.

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