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Infratil Monthly Operational Report

23 Dec 2010

Infratil Monthly Operational Report December is available here.

2010 has been a positive year for Infratil's businesses, its partners and capital providers.
Infratil's growth programme was maintained with significant investment having been undertaken, especially in airport and energy activities, including the acquisition of the 50% holding in Shell's New Zealand fuels business. Shareholders have been rewarded with a return of approximately 25% after tax since 1 January.
In November Infratil opened its first bond offer since the GFC. This has received good support from investors and is now likely to close in January with total issuance of between $75 million and $100 million. Because the offer was originally intended to provide holders of Infratil bonds maturing in May 2011 with an opportunity to reinvest, closure of the June 2016 issue is likely to result in Infratil opening a new offer of bonds maturing in June 2017. Holders of the May 2011 bonds are being notified by mail of the likely changes.

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