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Infratil Infrastructure Bonds Maturing 15 November 2011

5 Oct 2011

Infratil Limited advises that the Infrastructure Bonds maturing 15 November 2011 (“November 2011 Maturing Bonds”) will be redeemed for cash and not converted into shares in Infratil Limited.

Infratil also advises it is considering offering bond holders the opportunity to invest in a new bond issue.

If this new bond offer goes ahead, Infratil will send you more information about any such investment prior to 15 November 2011.  Until a simplified disclosure prospectus is prepared for any such offer, no money is being sought, and no applications will be accepted or money received.

If no new bond is offered or you elect not to invest in a new issue the November 2011 Maturing Bonds principal will be repaid in the same manner as interest payments usually occur.

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Kevin Baker
Chief Financial Officer /Company Secretary
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