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Infratil Monthly Operational Report

4 Mar 2011

Infratil Monthly Operational Report February is available here.

As the whole country lives through the aftermath of the Christchurch earthquake, the scale and long-term impact of this event are only beginning to become apparent. We all are affected in one way or another and we all know people worse off than ourselves. In the short term the priority is around people and making sure that our key infrastructure and services remain available.

Greenstone and TrustPower have people and businesses in areas which felt the earthquake. Fortunately harm and damage has been modest and both companies were able to assist in the immediate aftermath, whether by continuing to provide fuel or with their people lending a hand.
No one wants natural disasters, but they are a fact of life, have to be anticipated and coped with. It is satisfying that Greenstone, in particular, was largely able to provide uninterrupted fuel supplies, which has been very important to many of the relief initiatives. Greenstone also donated 100,000 litres of jet fuel to AirNZ as a part of the airline's initiative to provide low-cost services to Christchurch and Wellington Airport waived all charges on these flights.

As with many other New Zealand businesses, our people are doing what they can to help.
While the immediate challenges are considerable, the longer-term rebuild will be even harder. We have undiminished confidence in the region and its people. The people and capital of the Infratil group will be available to play a proactive part in Canterbury's recovery.

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