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Buyback Letter to Shareholders

15 Nov 2013

Dear Shareholder

Infratil tender offer to buy back up to 24.8 million shares on 5 December 2013

You may previously have received a letter from Infratil dated 30 September 2013 advising of Infratil's intention to commence an on-market buyback of up to 24.8 million shares through a tender offer. This was to occur on 22 October, but was postponed as Infratil was considering investments in Metlifecare and Australian Social Infrastructure Partners, which have now been announced.

Infratil now intends to complete the buyback through a tender offer on 5 December 2013. A copy of the most recent announcement, which includes Infratil's half year results and financial statements is available on our website; www.infratil.com/for-investors/company-results.

This letter sets out how the buyback will work and how you can participate if you wish to, and the detailed terms. These terms are the same as those for the buyback that was announced on 27 September 2013, but had to be deferred.

You are not required to participate. If you do not wish to sell your Infratil shares, you do not have to take any action.

If you wish to participate, you should contact your NZX participant share broker before 5 December 2013.

Letter to Shareholders this is the complete copy of the Shareholder letter.

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