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Infrastructure Bond Maturing 15 September 2013

31 Jul 2013

Infratil Limited advises that the Infrastructure Bonds maturing 15 September 2013 ("Series 2013 Bonds") will be redeemed for cash on 15 September 2013 and not converted into shares in Infratil Limited.

If you need to update your details with Link Market Services please contact Link Market Services by any of the following means:

  • Online via Link Market Services at https://investorcentre.linkmarketservices.co.nz (you will be required to enter your holder number and FIN for security purposes)
  • Email to enquiries@linkmarketservices.co.nz (please put ‘Infratil – IFT060 Bonds’ in the subject line for easy identification)
  • Mail to PO Box 91976, Victoria Street West, Auckland 1142
  • Fax to +64 9 375 5990

Please note all changes of details must be provided either in writing or processed on line.

Kevin Baker
Chief Financial Officer /Company Secretary

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