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Trustpower Quarterly Operating Report

21 Jan 2019

Key Highlights

  • Q3-19 saw 82% of all new customer acquisitions take multiple products, with an 7.3% increase year-on-year of total customers taking 2+ products to 105,000.
  • Total retail electricity sales volume was 2.1% below the pcp for Q3-19, with Mass Market/SME gaining 5.6%, and C&I decreasing 8.1%.
  • Customer churn for those who take our telco-bundled products was again stable in Q3-19, and continuing to track well below thosewho only take energy-only products.
  • 59% of all our broadband customers are now on fibre, up from 47% same time last year, and 56% last quarter. 86% of our telco customers are now taking medium and fast speed plans (100+MB download). Up from 67% this time last year.
  • 50% of all customer interactions are now handled without requiring our workforce
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