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Chairman's Address

7 Aug 2000

Chairman's Address - Annual MeetingI will briefly review Infratil's performance in the year to 31 March 2000 and the key issues we now face. At the conclusion of the meeting there will be a presentation...

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Infratil Announces Sale of Remaining Stake in CentralPower

22 Jun 2000

Infratil today announced that it has received an offer from Taranaki Electricity Limited (a subsidiary of Powerco Limited) for its remaining 5% stake in CentralPower. The price is $3.45 per share for its 3,282,868 shares...

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Infratil New Zealand Stock Exchange Announcement

22 May 2000

Morrison & Co, the Manager of Infratil, advise that conditional agreement has been reached for Macquarie Bank to acquire 100% of Morrison & Co. The Chairman of Infratil, Mr Kevin O'Connor, advises that the Board...

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Natural Gas Corporation Fails To Pay Infratil Under Minority Buyback Transaction

19 May 2000

Infrastructure & Utilities NZ Limited (Infratil) has been advised by Natural Gas Corporation Holdings Limited (NGC) that it is refusing to pay to it the provisional amount of $34.6 million due today (19 May 2000)...

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Announcement of the results for the year ended 31 March 2000

16 May 2000

RESULTSInfrastructure & Utilities NZ Limited's ("Infratil") consolidated net profit after tax and investment realisations for the year ended 31 March 2000 totalled $34.2million, compared with $26.6million for the previous year. Surplus on investment realisations was...

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Infratil and Natural Gas Corporation Minority Buyback Transaction

12 May 2000

Infrastructure & Utilities NZ Limited (Infratil) today announced that it has objected to the price of $1.30 per share nominated by Natural Gas Corporation Holdings Limited (NGC) for the purchase of Infratil's 26,581,934 NGC shares....

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Infratil Announcement Re Natural Gas Corporation Holdings

31 Mar 2000

The directors of Infratil advise that the Company today gave notice to Natural Gas Corporation Holdings Limited requesting that Company, pursuant to sections 110 to 115 of the Companies Act 1993, to purchase Infratil's shares...

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Infratil Proposed Share Buy Back

24 Mar 2000

Announcement to New Zealand Stock Exchange Infrastructure & Utilities NZ Limited Proposed Share Buy Back The Company notifies pursuant to Rule 7.6.1(a) an intention to purchase its own shares on the following terms: Period of...

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Infratil Dividend and Infrastructure Bonds Buyback

29 Feb 2000

DIVIDENDInfrastructure & Utilities NZ Limited has declared a final dividend of 3 cents per share and a further special dividend of 2.25 cents per share, both fully imputed, for the financial year ending...

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Resignation of Director

7 Feb 2000

The Chairman of Infrastructure & Utilities NZ Limited, Mr Kevin O'Connor, advises that Mr Frank Pearson has resigned as a director of the Company, with effect from 4 February, 2000. Mr Pearson has been a...

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