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Ongoing Disclosure Notice Tim Brown

Director and Officer Disclosure Notice for Tim Brown.

Letter to Investors

29 January 2014 INFRATIL INFRASTRUCTURE BONDS MATURING 15 NOVEMBER 2019 – INTEREST RATE 6.75% PA Infratil's offer of unsecured unsubordinated Infrastructure Bonds maturing 15 November 2019 has opened, and the

Infratil Executive Share Scheme

On 6 December 2013, the 2010 Infratil Executive Share Scheme matured having met the share performance thresholds. Pursuant to this and the Infratil Limited Executive Share Scheme Trust Deed dated

Ongoing Disclosure Notice Duncan Saville

See attached Director and Officer Disclosure Notice for Duncan Saville.

SSH - Utilico Investments Limited

Disclosure of movement of 1% or more in substantial holding or change in nature of relevant interest or both Sections 23 and 24, Securities Markets Act 1988 Relevant event being

SSH - The Capital Group Companies Inc.

Disclosure of beginning to have substantial holding Section 22, Securities Markets Act 1988 To New Zealand Stock Exchange And Infratil Limited Date this disclosure made: 17 January 2014 Substantial security