Owners of a significant commercial real estate portfolio

Managing and developing property associated with or leased to Infratil's core activities.

Infratil Infrastructure Property works with Infratil’s various businesses to ensure that all related real estate assets are proactively managed in order to:

  • optimise the operating benefits to the businesses,

  • achieve the long term highest and best use outcomes for the property assets where appropriate,

  • and deliver the best financial results and performance for Infratil investors from the commercial property portfolio.

Merchant Quarter, New Lynn

Merchant Quarter, New Lynn

Infratil Infrastructrue Property (IIP) worked closely with the former Waitakere City Council (now Auckland City Council) and other stakeholders on the redevelopment of the New Lynn town centre and transport interchange.

The site for this project was known as 28-40 Totara Avenue, New Lynn, a brown-field site in the precinct now branded as the Merchant Quarter. It was previously the site of the old public bus terminal, in the heart of the New Lynn town centre. The site is bounded by the New Lynn Railway Station (south), Lynn Mall (east), McCrae Way and New Lynn Library (north). The project required the amalgamation of several sites and boundary adjustments to provide for a development site, new bus terminal and new roading layouts.

The building is a three-storey mixed-use building, with retail to the ground floor and commercial office space to the upper two floors. IIP has leased this office space to a healthcare consortium and built a comprehensive medical facility. The ground floor comprises a service area for the medical centre, ambulance bay and a three level-atrium plus retail tenancies integrated where appropriate to the medical facility.

Retail activity to the Totara Ave bus terminal has been designed to allow for smaller retail activities servicing the public transport facility and grab-and-go amenity.

The building's facade subtly reference the area's well-known heritage of manufacturing with specific reference to the ceramic industry.

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