Infratil owns energy, transport, data and social infrastructure businesses in growth sectors

Meeting the expectations of users and the communities who rely on the facilities requires that our people are motivated, well directed and have the right skills and equipment.

By meeting user and community needs, by providing good value, and by being in sectors which are growing, Infratil’s businesses create opportunities to invest to lift earnings and value.

Infratil's Share Registrar is Link Market Service. To update your address or bank account details, you will require your CSN/Holder number and Authorisation Code (FIN).

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Infratil's Track Record

Over the last five years Infrati's compound after tax to shareholders was 17.74% per annum

Over the 22 years since Infratil listed, compound after tax returns to shareholders  has been 17.95% per annum. Someone who invested $1,000 in Infratil shares on 31 March 1994 and subsequently reinvested all dividends and the value of rights issues, etc. (i.e. who neither took money out nor put money in) would, as at 31 March 2016, own 11,519 shares worth $37.781.

Infratil's Track Record
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