Infratil Share Buyback

Infratil Share Buyback

Infratil Limited advises that it has acquired its own securities. The following information is provided in accordance with Listing Rules 7.12

Class of security: Ordinary Shares


Number of Ordinary Shares acquired: 300,000

Acquisition price (average): $3.106

Date acquired: 29 March 2018

Payment: In cash

Amount paid up: Fully paid up Ordinary Shares

Percentage of the total class of securities issued (after the acquisition): 0.05%

Reason for the acquisition: Considered by the Directors to be in the best interests of the Company and shareholders.

Specific authority for the acquisition: Buyback to be carried out pursuant to Infratil's continuing Share Buyback Programme outlined in its 2016 Notice of Meeting.

Total number of Ordinary Shares in existence after the acquisition: 560,053,166

Total number of Ordinary Shares in existence after acquisition and after deduction of Treasury Stock: 599,278,166

Treasury stock: Shares acquired will be held as treasury stock

Mark Flesher, Investor Relations