Infratil owns energy, transport, data and social infrastructure businesses in growth sectors

By meeting user and community needs, by providing good value, and by being in sectors which are growing, Infratil’s businesses create opportunities to invest to lift earnings and value.

Please contact Infratil's registry to arrange for your dividends/interest to be direct credited. You will require your CSN/Holder number and Authorisation Code (FIN) and the account you wish to credit the sums to:


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Infratil's 26 Year Track Record

Infratil’s ten year after-tax compound return was 14.2% per annum. The 26 year return was 16.6% per annum.

As shown in the graph, had someone invested $100 in Infratil shares on 31 March 1994 when the Company listed, and had subsequently reinvested all dividends and distributions. (i.e. who neither took money out nor put money in) they would, as at 31 March 2020, own 1,398 shares with an NZX value of $5,464.

Infratil's 26 Year Track Record
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