With its Aotearoa New Zealand origins at its core, Infratil's purpose is to invest wisely in ideas that matter and, in doing so, create long-term value for shareholders.
Our ESG vision is to lead the way in sustainable infrastructure investment.

Four areas that matter most to us

We focus our sustainability efforts on four key pillars that reflect the most material ESG issues for Infratil and its stakeholders.

We choose our investments carefully

Not all investments are equal, so we screen investments early before we buy them. Screening helps us ensure that we invest in infrastructure that supports essential services and societal needs, such as:


Businesses in the energy sector that help society urgently transition to a low-carbon economy


Investments that boost digital connectivity in a way that supports societal wellbeing, prosperity and strong economies


Investments that support the health, wellbeing and prosperity of communities

Aging population

Services that enhance the wellbeing of the aging population

Global mobility

Infrastructure that allows people to connect and supports personal wellbeing, tourism, business and strong economies

Water scarcity

Businesses that make critical water supplies more resilient in the rapidly changing climate

Waste and recycling

Infrastructure that helps establish a more circular and decarbonised economy

Next generation infrastructure

We avoid investments that harm the environment or that are harmful to society

As part of our approach to responsible investment, Infratil will not invest in organisations that derive material1 earnings directly from activities that, in our view, can harm the environment, such as:

Extracting, processing and transportation of thermal coal

Oil exploration and production

Generating electricity using fossil fuels*

*unless we are satisfied the entity has, or can feasibly develop, a credible 1.5oC-aligned transition plan and will commit to setting emissions reduction targets that are validated by the Science Based Targets initiative (SBTi).

Infratil does not invest in companies that derive material1 earnings directly from controversial activities that, in our view, are likely to harm society such as munitions2, tobacco, gambling or adult entertainment.

Infratil seeks to invest in companies that predominantly operate in geopolitically stable countries with robust and reliable legal systems - any exception to this will be immaterial from a portfolio perspective.

1more than 5% of gross revenue or EBITDA.

2including all controversial weapons as defined by MSCI Controversial Weapons Screening Index Methodology.

We actively manage our assets

Risk monitoring does not stop once we buy an asset. We monitor our assets for environmental, social, and governance (ESG) risks.

We share information with our investment partners. For example, we make sure the companies we invest in understand our expectations and support them where feasible. To promote responsible investment, share knowledge, support research and develop ESG rating tools, we work closely with industry bodies.

Finally, we check how we’re doing by benchmarking our performance against accepted industry standards. We currently use the GRESB Infrastructure Fund Assessment.