Infratil Market Update

8 Feb 2017

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Over the last two years Infratil has increased the breadth of its activity and established important new platforms for future growth. The new areas include retirement living, data centres, student accommodation, and renewable energy in North America. With new sector exposures and important developments in our traditional domestic energy and transport businesses, this market update is designed to provide further information on the prospects for each of our businesses.

Infratil Update Newsletter September 2016

Infratil Update Newsletter September 2016

30 Sep 2016

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Two of Infratil’s businesses, Wellington Airport and NZ Bus, face major technology driven opportunities. One offers direct air services between central New Zealand and the northern hemisphere. The other offers electric public transport for New Zealand cities. If they are to happen, both requires a partnership between Infratil and civic and government agencies.

Infratil Update Newsletter December 2015

Infratil Update Newsletter December 2015

16 Dec 2015

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Electricity in New Zealand is 82% renewable, 100% reliable amongst the lowest cost in the world, and generated and retailed by an efficient and competitive industry. In the future the industry can build on these attributes and provide good investor returns.

Infratil Update Newsletter May 2015

Infratil Update Newsletter May 2015

12 May 2015

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Infratil now has over $400 million invested in retirement services in New Zealand (20% of Metlifecare) and Australia (50% of RetireAustralia).

These companies provide accommodation and other services to almost 11,000 people.

Retirement accommodation is a growth market and while part of the wider housing market it has its own idiosyncrasies which are explained in this Infratil Update.

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