We actively invest in infrastructure.

Our investments span the four key areas of renewable energy, digital infrastructure, healthcare and airports.

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The world’s response to climate change is radically reshaping the energy sector, creating substantial demand for new investment through decarbonisation, while generating new business models and asset types.

Development of Renewable Energy represents one of the single largest and most important investment opportunities in history with over US$4 trillion of investment in wind and solar assets forecast over the next decade. Infratil’s renewable energy platform provides exposure to this opportunity through a highly diversified operating and development portfolio, across technologies and geographies. 

Manawa Energy

Manawa Energy

Infratil ownership: 51%

Manawa Energy is New Zealand’s fifth largest electricity generator, generating approximately 9% of New Zealand’s total hydro capacity. Manawa owns 26 hydro power schemes throughout New Zealand with a total installed capacity of 498MW.

Manawa Energy is focussed on developing new renewable generation capacity to help achieve the anticipated significant increase in demand for electricity to meet New Zealand’s climate targets as well as continuing to provide high levels of service to its existing commercial and industrial customer base.

Manawa Energy is a publicly owned company, listed on the New Zealand Exchange (NZX). We currently own 51.0% and have been a cornerstone shareholder of Manawa Energy (previously Trustpower) since our formation in 1994. 

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Manawa Energy
1,891GWh of electricity produced per year on average
26 hydro power schemes
Longroad Energy

Longroad Energy Holdings LLC

Infratil ownership: 37.1%

Longroad Energy is a Boston-headquartered renewable energy developer focused on the development, ownership, and operation & asset management of wind and solar energy projects throughout the US.

Since its establishment in 2016 Longroad Energy has developed and acquired 3.2GW of wind and solar projects, of which it still retains 1.4GW. Longroad currently has a 18GW development pipeline composed of wind, solar, solar and storage, and standalone storage assets across 13 states, from which it is targeting developing over 1GW annually

In addition to developing, financing, and constructing renewable energy projects, Longroad Energy provides operations and asset management services to wind and solar projects across the US.

We own 37.1% of Longroad Energy, together with 37.1% ownership by New Zealand Superannuation Fund, Longroad Energy’s executive team with 13.8%, and MEAG holding the remaining 12.0%.

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Longroad Energy Holdings LLC
1.6GW of operating assets as at 30 September 2023
861MW under construction as at 30 September 2023
29GW total pipeline as at 30 September 2023


Infratil ownership: 40%

Galileo is a pan-European, multi-technology, renewable energy developer, owner and operator headquartered in Zurich, Switzerland.

Galileo develops wind and solar photovoltaic energy projects and storage solutions across Europe, including in its largest markets, Italy, Spain, France, Germany and the UK. Galileo currently has a development pipeline of over 6GW and is targeting developing 300 to 500MW of this pipeline annually.

Europe is a large and cohesive energy market with internationally leading policies and commitment. Renewable Energy is set to increase its share in Europe’s power mix by 900TWh, covering over 60% by 2030.

We own 40% of Galileo alongside our co-investors, the Commonwealth Superannuation Corporation, the New Zealand Superannuation Fund and the Morrison & Co Growth Infrastructure Fund, who each own 20%.

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9.9GW development pipeline as at 30 September 2023
Gurīn Energy

Gurīn Energy

Infratil ownership: 95%

Gurīn Energy is a Singapore-headquartered renewable energy developer focused on the development, ownership, and operation of wind and solar energy projects, as well as storage solutions, throughout Asia.

Gurīn Energy will invest in the development of wind and solar PV energy projects and storage solutions across Asia, including Southeast Asia, North Asia and India. Gurīn Energy is rapidly progressing an initial pipeline of projects of 1.3GW at various stages of development in the Philippines, Vietnam, Thailand, Indonesia and Japan. From this pipeline Gurīn Energy is targeting developing 400MW annually.

Asian energy markets are characterised by combined tailwinds of demand growth, a growing commitment at national levels to decarbonisation, an increasing desire to reduce dependency on imported fuels, and to build self-sufficiency and security of supply

We own 95% of Gurīn Energy with the remaining 5% owned by management.

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Gurīn Energy
6.9GW development pipeline as at 30 September 2023  
Mint Renewables

Mint Renewables

Infratil ownership: 73%

Mint Renewables is an Australian based renewable energy developer focused on the development, ownership, and operation of wind and solar energy projects, as well as storage solutions across Australia.

Established in December 2022, Mint Renewables deepens Infratil shareholders' exposure to the forecast surge in global demand for renewables over the next few decades.

The Australian energy market is undergoing a significant energy transition away from fossil fuels towards renewable energy which is supported by recent policy announcements by both central and local governments, providing meaningful tailwinds for the shift to renewable energy in Australia - a market where Infratil has more than two decades of experience across various components of the energy sector, including renewables.

We own 73% of Mint Renewables with the remaining 27% owned by the Commonwealth Superannuation Corporation (CSC).

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Mint Renewables
1.1GW development pipeline as at 30 September 2023

Today, ubiquitous high-speed connectivity underpins most aspects of society – while data has been described as the “Fourth Utility”. Underpinning this is a network of long-dated infrastructure assets that are the critical building blocks of digital connectivity and data storage as essential services.

Global demand for digital infrastructure is accelerating and new use cases and ways of working will only accelerate the trend. Infratil is well exposed across the digital ecosystem with fibre, wireless, tower, communications, and data centre asset exposure embedded within the portfolio. 



Infratil ownership: 48%

Headquartered in Canberra, Australia, CDC is the largest privately owned and operated data centre business across Australia and New Zealand.

CDC operates 268MW of capacity across 13 facilities in 4 campus locations. An additional 265MW of capacity is under construction across Auckland, Melbourne, Sydney and Canberra.

CDC provides secure and configurable data centre facilities that support co-location, containerised and hyperscale compute environments with all Australian campuses being interconnected with high-speed carrier grade networks.

Demand for Data Centres is being driven by cloud adoption and digitalisation, remote working, online service delivery across private & public sector customers and an increased focus on security and emerging government policy, legislative and regulatory requirements.

We own 48% of CDC alongside our co-investors, the Commonwealth Superannuation Corporation and Future Fund who each own 24%, with management owning the remaining shares. 

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13 data centres across 4 campuses in Australasia
6 new data centres adding 265MW of capacity under construction
One NZ

One NZ

Infratil ownership: 99.9%

One NZ is one of New Zealand’s leading digital services and connectivity companies providing more than 3 million connections to consumer and business customers.

One NZ provides these connections over an extensive national network of mobile towers and spectrum, fibre assets, and IoT networks. One NZ also provides New Zealand’s largest 5G mobile network, offering 5G mobile services in more places, and covering more New Zealanders than any other provider.

The 5G mobile network enables faster speeds, lower latency and expands the potential of connected devices. 5G offers a leap forward in speed, reliability and connectivity.

We own 99.90% of One NZ, with management owning 0.2%.

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One NZ
3 million connections to consumers and business customers
98% of the population reached by One NZ's network
Kao Data

Kao Data

Based in London, Kao Data develops and operates technically advanced, highly sustainable colocation data centres. Kao Data’s data centres are specifically designed to meet the advanced computing needs of Hyperscale, Enterprise, High Performance Computing and Artificial Intelligence customers.

Kao Data owns a 15-acre data centre campus in Harlow, north of London, and two carrier neutral data centres in Slough, West London.

Kao Data has built one data centre at the Harlow campus, which once fully developed will be home to four energy efficient data centres, all powered by 100% renewable energy. The Harlow campus is located in the UK Innovation Corridor between London and Cambridge, home to world class academic, technology and bioscience institutions and companies. Kao Data’s technically advanced data centres are designed to meet their specialist high-performance computing requirements.

We are invested alongside Legal & General Group and Goldacre, two strong UK based investors.

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Kao Data
15-acre data centre campus in Harlow
100% renewable energy
Clearvision Ventures

Clearvision Ventures

The strategic objective of Infratil’s investment in Clearvision Ventures is to help Infratil's businesses identify and engage with technology changes that will impact their activities. Clearvision is currently focused on investing in companies that can apply innovations in IoT, Big Data, and Security Technology, to drive meaningful disruptions in energy and infrastructure sustainability, and establish clear category dominance and leadership.

Clearvision’s investments are unlisted, with the exception of ChargePoint which is listed on the New York Stock Exchange. ChargePoint is one of the largest charging networks in North America and Europe with more than 150,000 charging ports accessible on its own network.

In total we have made a commitment of US$100 million to Clearvision.

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Clearvision Ventures
NZ$139.6 million invested as at 30 September 2023

Healthcare is an essential service globally. As a sub-sector, diagnostic imaging is increasingly viewed as a critical part of preventative healthcare, unlocking efficiency gains from high-cost acute care. A value-based shift towards early diagnosis and preventative care can reduce overall system costs and improve patient outcomes.

Our strategic vision is to be Australasia’s leading provider of radiology services, meeting the needs of a growing and ageing population and providing investors with a high-quality entry point into a sector with a structural long term growth outlook, and the potential to scale into a leading healthcare infrastructure platform globally.



Infratil ownership: 56%

Qscan is one of Australia’s largest radiology providers, operating over 70 clinics across Australia. Qscan provides comprehensive diagnostic imaging services such as x-rays, ultrasound, CT and MRI scans.

Such diagnostics help prevent, diagnose and treat diseases and other health issues like cancer, cardiovascular, musculoskeletal, respiratory, and hearing and vision issues.

Qscan is a market leader in PET (Oncology) and CT scans. One of the first to use PET outside hospitals, the company now operates a network of 10 clinics offering PET. The Qscan network includes a diversified cohort of doctors with a reputation for operational excellence and deep subspeciality expertise. 

We own 56% of Qscan alongside our co-investors, the Morrison & Co Growth Infrastructure Fund and doctor and management shareholders.

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over 70 clinics across Australia
RHC NZ Medical Imaging Group

RHCNZ Medical Imaging Group

Infratil ownership: 50.1%

Consisting of Pacific Radiology, Auckland Radiology, and Bay Radiology, the RHCNZ Medical Imaging Group is New Zealand’s largest diagnostic imaging provider. The combined group operates over 70 clinics nationwide, with 31 clinics in the South Island and 39 in the North Island.

With capacity constraints on public health systems, private clinics are broadly accepted as valuable and necessary for their critical role in preventative health and informing clinical decision making.

RHCNZ offers a full suite of diagnostic imaging modalities including x-rays, ultrasound, PET, CT and MRI scans. Diagnostic imaging is essential for a broad and expanding range of healthcare applications. These scans are used to prevent, diagnose and treat many diseases and other health issues, for example cancer, cardiovascular, musculoskeletal, respiratory, and hearing and vision issues.

We own 50.1% of RHCNZ Medical Imaging Group alongside doctor and management shareholders.

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RHCNZ Medical Imaging Group
over 70 clinics across New Zealand


Infratil ownership: 50%

RetireAustralia is a leading owner, operator and developer of retirement villages in Australia with over 5,000 residents across 27 retirement villages in New South Wales, South Australia and Queensland. The business has an integrated Home Care offering, four development projects under construction, a significant development pipeline and an experienced team with proven ability to deliver.

We own 50% of RetireAustralia alongside our co-investor, the New Zealand Superannuation Fund.

Alongside the New Zealand Superannuation Fund, we are currently undertaking a strategic review of our shareholding in RetireAustralia. The strategic review will assess all options, including an outright sale, with a view to maximising value for all stakeholders.

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4,187 independent living units and apartments
27 villages in New South Wales, South Australia and Queensland

We have a longstanding record of investment across the transportation sector, including ports and airports which provide essential services to the regions and communities in which they operate. Long-term trends of globalisation and global mobility continue to drive demand for these types of transport assets.

Wellington International Airport

Wellington International Airport

Infratil ownership: 66%

Wellington Airport is a nationally critical infrastructure asset servicing Wellington and central New Zealand with 6 million passengers using the airport annually (pre-Covid).

The international airport occupies 110 hectares of freehold land and is only 8km from the heart of the city, making it the gateway New Zealand’s capital.

Its main airline customers are Air New Zealand, Jetstar, Qantas and Fiji Airways. The Airport also hosts a RNZAF facility and a number of general aviation, aeroclub, air ambulance and maintenance operations.

The airport also features a 134-room onsite hotel, purpose-built conference centre and a diverse property portfolio of commercial, industrial, specialty retail, bulk retail and residential properties adjacent to the airport.

We acquired a 66% interest in the airport when the Crown sold its shareholding in 1998, with the Wellington City Council owning the other 34%.

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Wellington International Airport
6m travellers a year
8km from the heart of the city
110 hectares of freehold land