Frequently asked questions



What happens on the maturity of Infratil Bonds?

Usually Infratil seeks to offer holders of maturing bonds a reinvestment option. Historically about 50% of maturing bonds have been reinvested into the next issue.

What are my rights as an Infratil Bondholder?

The Bondholders' rights are set out in the Investment Statement. However as there are technicalities and complexities in some of the terminology contained in this description it is a good idea to talk with a professional adviser such as a broker or financial planner. The Bonds are not subordinated, but in certain situations Bondholders may not have priority claims to the assets owned by Infratil.


Who is the Trustee of the Infratil Infrastructure Bonds and what do they do?

Trustees are now known (legally) as Supervisors, and for Infratil’s bond holders this role is undertaken by Trustees Executors Limited, Level 5 10 Customhouse Quay, Wellington. Telephone : 04 495 0999.

The terms of Infratil’s Bonds are set out in their individual prospectus and trust deeds. Each six months Infratil provides the Trustee with a certificate signed by directors confirming its position relative to the Bond covenants and with regards to general compliance with Bond terms. Infratil has always recorded conformity. Bondholders are welcome to contact the Trustee to confirm Infratil’s compliance.


What additional information is available about Infratil Infrastructure Bonds?

Visit the Infratil Bonds page which includes a special section about the Perpetual Bonds. Each year the Infratil Annual Report includes a section with information especially relevant to bondholders. In addition, most New Zealand brokers and several of the trading banks have participated in Infratil Bond issues and are available to provide information and advice.

Who are the Directors of Infratil and its Subsidiaries?

This information is disclosed in the Infratil Annual report


What is Infratil’s investment strategy ?

The best place to find information about Infratil’s investment goals, strategy and its operations is in the current Annual Report.

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