Financial Summary


Year to 31 March20152014201320122011
Domestic Passengers 4,682,086 4,683,931 4,646,724 4,473,544 4,479,651
International Passengers 775,193 753,355 726,898 718,185 654,576
Aeronautical income $64.5m $67.9m $64.5m $61m $57m
Passenger services income $34.1m $33.7m $32.6m $32m $29m
Property/other income $9.7m $9.2m $8.9 $7m $8m
Operating costs ($26.2m) ($24.9m) $(23m) ($24m) ($22m)
EBITDAF $82.1m $86m $83m $76m $72m


Wellington Airport is rated by Standard & Poor's as a BBB+/Stable/A2 credit reflecting its strong business position. Underlying passenger demand is robust and revenues are diversified across mostly passenger-related revenue streams.

Wellington Airport Annual Report 2015

Wellington Airport Traffic Statistics June 2016