IFT270 – Interest Rate Reset

IFT270 – Interest Rate Reset

Infratil Limited (Infratil) refers to its NZ$146,249,000 unsecured, unsubordinated fixed rate bonds, listed under ticker IFT270 (Bonds). The Bonds have a 10 year term, maturing on 15 December 2028.

Under the terms of the Bonds, the interest rate is due to be reset on 15 December 2023 (the Reset Date) for the second five-year period. The reset interest rate will be set at the sum of:

• the five year swap rate on 15 December 2023; plus

• the margin of 2.50% per annum.

The reset interest rate will be announced by Infratil via the NZX on or shortly after the Reset Date.

For further details contact:

Tom Robertson


+64 4 550 5432