Infratil Infrastructure Bond IFT220 Allotment Notice

Infratil Infrastructure Bond IFT220 Allotment Notice

The following information is provided in accordance with Listing Rule 7.12

Class of security: Infratil Limited Infrastructure Bonds (IFT220)


Number of IFT220 bonds allotted: 93,883,000

Percentage of the total class of IFT220 Bonds allotted: 100.00%

Issue Price: $1.00 for new bonds.

Payment for new bonds: In cash.

Amount paid up: Bonds have been fully paid up.

Date of allotment: Bonds have been allotted on the 16th of June 2016.

Reason for the allotment: Applications received and processed under the terms sheet for the offer of Infrastructure Bonds dated 20 May 2016.

Specific authority for the allotment: The copy of the terms sheet delivered to the Registrar of Financial Service Providers for registration has been authorised by an Infratil directors resolution dated 17 May 2016.

Terms or conditions of the allotment: Infratil is offering up to $100 million of Infrastructure Bonds in aggregate of IFT220 and IFT230 across both the General and Exchange Offers and across both Series (with the option to accept up to $50 million of oversubscriptions in aggregate at Infratil's discretion).

Total number of IFT220 bonds in existence after the allotment:

P Harford