Ongoing Disclosure Notice - A Urlwin

Ongoing Disclosure Notice - A Urlwin

Ongoing Disclosure Notice

Disclosure of Directors and Senior Managers Relevant Interests

Sections 297(2) and 298(2), Financial Markets Conduct Act 2013

To NZX Limited; and

Name of listed issuer: Infratil Limited (IFT)

Date this disclosure made: 31-Jul-23

Date of last disclosure: 19-Jun-23

Director or senior manager giving disclosure

Full name(s): Anne June Urlwin

Name of listed issuer: Infratil Limited

Name of related body corporate (if applicable): N/A

Position held in listed issuer: Director

Summary of acquisition or disposal of relevant interest (excluding specified derivatives)

Class of affected quoted financial products: IFT330 31/07/2029 6.9% Infrastructure Bonds in IFT

Nature of the affected relevant interest(s): Joint beneficial owner

For that relevant interest-

Number held in class before acquisition or disposal: 0

Number held in class after acquisition or disposal: 56,000

Current registered holder(s): Unknown

Registered holder(s) once transfers are registered: Clifton Creek Limited

Details of transactions giving rise to acquisition or disposal

Total number of transactions to which notice relates: 1

Details of transactions requiring disclosure-

Date of transaction: 21-Jul-23

Nature of transaction: Acquisition of Infratil Infrastructure Bonds

Name of any other party or parties to the transaction (if known): N/A

The consideration, expressed in New Zealand dollars, paid or received for the acquisition or disposal. If the consideration was not in cash and cannot be readily by converted into a cash value, describe the consideration: 56,000.00

Number of financial products to which the transaction related: 56,000

If the issuer has a financial products trading policy that prohibits directors or senior managers from trading during any period without written clearance (a closed period) include the following details—

Whether relevant interests were acquired or disposed of during a closed period: No

Whether prior written clearance was provided to allow the acquisition or disposal to proceed during the closed period: N/A

Date of the prior written clearance (if any): N/A

Summary of other relevant interests after acquisition or disposal:

Class of quoted financial products: Ordinary Shares (NZX:IFT)

Nature of relevant interest: Joint beneficial owner

For that relevant interest,-

Number held in class: 12,500

Current registered holder(s): Forsyth Barr Custodians Limited as custodian of Clifton Creek Limited


I, certify that, to the best of my knowledge and belief, the information contained in this disclosure is correct and that I am duly authorised to make this disclosure by all persons for whom it is made.

Signature of person authorised to sign on behalf of director or officer:

Date of signature: 31-Jul-23

Name and title of authorised person: Brendan Kevany, Company Secretary