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Infratil Allotment Notice

13 Aug 2008

Infratil Allotment Notice

13 August 2008

The following information is provided in accordance with Listing Rules 7.12

Class of security: Ordinary Shares


Number of Ordinary Shares issued: 54,856,825

Issue Price: $2.00

Payment: Final instalment $1.00, in cash

Amount paid up: Partly paid Ordinary Shares fully paid to $2.00

Percentage of the total class of securities issued (after the issue): 10.35%

Reason for the issue: Partly Paid shares converted (IFTCB).

Specific authority for the issue: Terms and conditions of the issue of the Partly paid shares prospectus dated 29 August 2007. Board resolution dated 27 August 2007.

Terms or conditions of the issue: Partly paid shareholders have the right to subscribe for Ordinary Shares, credited as fully paid, at the final instalment price of $1.00

Total number of Ordinary Shares in existence after the issue: 529,991,707

Total number of Partly paid shares on issue after the above are converted: 1,676,864

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