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Brokerage Payable on IFTWB Exercise Applications

10 Jun 2009

Infratil has determined to pay brokerage on the exercise of IFTWB. Details are set out below:
1.  Brokerage is payable at a rate of 0.75% on monies received by the Registry to complete the exercise of IFTWB.
2. IFTWB may be exercised by the payment of either $1.62 or $0.55 per Warrant
3. The maximum amount payable on any one account is $750.
4.  Brokerage will be paid on:
a.  Any application received and process by the Registry which carries a brokers stamp
b.  Any application received and process by the Registry where a broker has previously notified the Registry that an applicant is a client of the broker. In the event that an application is received carrying a brokers stamp, that application will have precedence. In the event that the Registry receives notification from more than one broker in respect of any individual applicant then only one amount of brokerage will be paid at the Registry’s discretion.

5.  Brokerage will be paid in late July once all applications are processed and funds are cleared.

6. For further information, brokers are invited to contact Tony Clarke at Link Market Services:
Direct dial  64 3 307 9128
Email  tony.clarke@linkmarketservices.com
Facsimile  64 3 308 1311
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