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Snapper welcomes open market approach to Integrated Ticketing for New Zealand

22 Jul 2009

Snapper has welcomed the announcement by NZTA of a national policy for integrated ticketing and fares in New Zealand.
NZTA announced today that is taking a nationwide approach to integrated ticketing in New Zealand, based on open standards and allowing multiple smart card operators to work with public transport system operators directly.

“Snapper is a strong proponent of open standards. Snapper has been designed from the ground up to be an open platform. We comply with the major standards as defined by the International Association for Public Transport (UITP). Furthermore the Snapper platform is open so as to allow inter-operability in the retail and card interface. We are looking forward to engaging with both NZTA and ARTA on the definition of the local New Zealand standards. We have already proven interoperability in Seoul. Snapper’s clearing-house technology is the same as that used in Seoul, a city of 25 million inhabitants and a true mega city, processing more than 9 billion transactions per annum. We are pleased to have brought this level of capability to New Zealand.” said Snapper CEO Miki Szikszai.

Today NZTA released the review into the conduct of the tender process for the procurement for Auckland Integrated Fares System. Snapper thanks NZTA for the approach to the review, saying it was thorough and fair. “Snapper unreservedly accepts the findings of the review.” says Mr. Szikszai.

Snapper raised three issues in December 2008 that initiated the review.
  • Probity;
  • Complexity and cost; and
  • The need for a national scheme.

  • The review released today addresses the points raised around probity. Snapper is pleased that the two other issues relating to complexity and cost, and the need for a national scheme, have been endorsed in NZTA’s policy statement today.

    “We strongly endorse the view of NZTA in taking a nationwide approach to Integrated Ticketing and have done so for sometime. Snapper recognises that NZTA is seeking rights to the Integrated Ticketing system and the information provided in the system. Snapper can meet NZTA’s requirements in this regard. We support NZTA In their position that the national scheme must deliver value for money and we have advocated that an open market will deliver this outcome.”

    “Snapper has been operating in Wellington and Whangarei in the public transport and retail sectors for a year. We have an emerging presence in the Auckland small payments market. We are proudly New Zealand owned and operated and have the benefit of world-class technology and partners. Snapper operates a secure integrated ticketing scheme delivering patrons a 20% fare discount on Wellington buses. With more than 80,000 cards on issue, New Zealanders trust Snapper with their money for public transport and retail transactions. Snapper has processed almost 9 million transactions with 99.99% accuracy since July 2008. This is all at nil cost to the Wellington ratepayer and Central Government. On the back of the recent success of deploying Snapper into the Hutt Valley, and contracts that are under negotiation, Snapper is confident that it is well placed for further growth in the New Zealand market.”
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