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Annual Meeting Results

14 Aug 2013

Infratil Limited advises that the five resolutions put to the Company's annual meeting in Wellington on 13 August 2013 were passed.  The five resolutions were:

  • Resolution 1 - that Mark Tume be re-elected as a director of the Company,
  • Resolution 2 –that Humphry Rolleston be re-elected as a director of the Company,
  • Resolution 3 – that Paul Gough be elected as a director of the Company
  • Resolution 4 - that the aggregate limit of the fees payable to directors of Infratil and its subsidiaries be adjusted as set out in the Notice of Meeting, and
  • Resolution 5 – that the Directors be authorised to fix the auditor’s remuneration.

All resolutions were decided by a show of hands.

The details of the manner in which shareholders directed proxies to vote at proxy close (and included above) were as follows:

ResolutionVotes ForVotes AgainstDiscretionaryAbstain
Resolution 1 – Re-election of Mark Tume 272,889,838 38,617,056 1,453,809 0
Resolution 2 – Re-election of Humphry Rolleston 296,469,460 15,037,434 1,453,809 0
Resolution 3 – Election of Paul Gough 296,396,307 15,079,504 1,484,892 0
Resolution 4 – Directors’ remuneration 165,900,222 15,700,578 643,917 0
Resolution 5 – Auditors’ remuneration 292,752,762 18,495,271 1,712,670 0

The Board has also determined that Messrs D A R Newman, H J D Rolleston, M Tume and Paul Gough are, and Messrs M Bogoievski, D P Saville and A Muh (as alternate to D P Saville) are not, Independent Directors of the Company in terms of the NZX Listing Rules and ASX Principles. 

KM Baker 
Company Secretary
Infratil Limited

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